Interview – Kierra Sheard

June 14, 2012 |  by  |  INTERVIEWS

One of the most dynamic women singing sacred songs from the stage and connecting with a new crop of Christians is Kierra Sheard (aka KiKi). Ever since her debut as a recording artist, singing a duet with her mother on, Finally Karen, expectations were high and anticipation was great for the princess to take her rightful place among one of the royal families of Gospel music.

Fifteen years later, Kierra is no longer waiting her turn, but rather assuming her place as the voice of a new generation that’s both sassy and sacred, possessing both swagger and spirituality. We spoke with Kierra and confronted on all the questions people want to know about Ms. Sheard.

Christopher Heron: Well Kierra, are you looking forward to married life in the near future?

Kierra Sheard: I’m not married right now and I’m no longer engaged, but I’m enjoying life.

CH: That’s a dramatic change of events. Are you okay with being single?

KS: Yes, I’m okay with it right now. Of course, I want a family soon. So yes the sooner the better. I want it fairly soon, but I’m okay right now but later on, I want somebody.

CH: Kierra, everybody of course knows you as one of the awesome singers of our day. But people are now beginning to discover that you carry a lot of skills, particularly dramatic skills, you know, starring in Preacher’s Kid and Blessed & Cursed. How did you feel about acting? Are you as comfortable an actress as you are an artist on the stage?

KS: That’s a good question. I would say I’m comfortable. But acting is like having an alter ego, but that’s all I can think of right now, coming out of yourself and having to really put on a role. The only thing I wasn’t comfortable with was singing with effort but I loved acting. It was fun. I was hearing people say oh, you did a good job for that scene or you did this. It challenges me to be more creative. I would definitely say I love singing but that’s what I’ve been doing more. I think if I started doing more acting, I think I would maybe enjoy just as much. It’s a lot of fun.